Do you Leak with Jumping?

Here are some tips for you.

Do you leak urine when you jump? Did you know it’s really common for women to leak but does not have to be your “Normal.”😎.
💧Do not believe someone when they say “oh honey it’s always going to be that way… you had babies.”🤦‍♀️🙄.
💧Did you know your pelvic floor is actually a group of muscles that work with your core , your diaphragm, and your brain🧠 ?
💧That means it can be retrained. 👏The answer is not just kegels and sometimes the answer is no “kegels” for a little bit or no kegels period.
💧Our pelvic floor works with our entire body as a system. 🎛. It’s all linked together and leaking is our body’s way of communicating that something is not right. You can have urine leakage💦 from a number of different variables that you want to address. Possible causes:
🔗weakness in your lower body.
🔗changes in your posture with jumping/running etc.
🔗weakness in your hips.
🔗improper breathing patterns.
🔗 poor coordination of the pelvic floor muscles.
🔗 consuming too many bladder irritants like caffeine, coffee, artificial sweetners, alcohol, citrus fruits and even carbonated beverages😮.
So, be encouraged and know that pelvic floor PTs, like myself can do an evaluation and help empower you to CHANGE this.
I am working on some other self-help resources to help you near and far. I can’t wait to get those available to you.

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-Dr.Jennifer Iskat Frankoski, DPT, PT, PCES, Cert DN

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