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8410 Pit Stop Ct NW

Suite 145

Concord, NC 28027


Email: office@bethechangephysiotherapy.com

Find the Source & Cause. Cure the Problem. EMPOWER the patient

Our Mission:

  • To improve the lives of individuals integrating physical therapy expertise with fitness and wellness to increase quality of life and return to activities of daily living and/or sport.
  • To assist individuals to return to their joys and passions while healing pain or discomfort through conservative treatments with as few visits possible. We are RESULTS driven.

Be the Change Physiotherapy targets the active individuals who want to heal as fast as possible or want to prevent injuries.

The goal of our business is to:

  • find the cause and source of the problem and treat the cause, rather than covering the symptom
  • give YOU the tools you need to speed up the healing process so you can return to the daily activities, exercise or sport of your choice
  • help you prevent injuries and enhance performance to feel stronger and healthier than before

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