BTC 2018-36

Be the Change Physiotherapy is a Physical Therapy owned and operated business established to target the individuals who truly value their health and physical abilities and want to live their lives to the fullest at maximum activity potential. This includes healing from any musculoskeletal injuries including but not limited to pelvic floor dysfunctions whether acute or chronic rather than simply covering the pain/symptoms.

Our Goal:

  • Find the source of the problem and treat the source, rather than covering the symptom
  • Give YOU the tools you need to speed up the healing process so you can return to the daily activities, exercise or sport of your choice
  • Provide the tools you need to maintain your gains without being required to seek continual care or treatment 3x a week
  • Save you money by giving one on one care so you will require less visits to meet your goals

We do not want you to simply “do your exercises” but rather integrate your treatment plan into your current exercise routine and advance you.

We are considered out-of-network because that means we can provide patients with the care they want and need rather than what the insurance dictates can be done.

Call or text 980-221-9687 to schedule an appointment.

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