Just Stop Doing That

Just stop doing that…😒🤔

Have you ever gone to see a healthcare provider looking for answer to your pain and been told ” Just stop doing that”, “just stop doing what causes you pain or your symptoms” ??🙄

The immediate response in your head is often…

“Is that really the answer I just paid you to hear?”


“If I knew what caused it, I could.”


“So pretty much you’re asking me to not reach for anything, bend over, get dressed, sleep, sit, stand, run, lift, exercise…everything”

Oh that’s right, it’s so simple.

I was one of these patients at age 15 that listened. I was told by an orthopedic specialist after X-rays and an MRI of my low back that I had 2 bulging disks and I needed to “retire” from gymnastics forever. So initially I did, but I continued to coach because I couldn’t fully give up the sport I loved so much. I later went on to run track and I continued to be a cheerleader so I could still tumble all through high school. My back pain eased but actually bothered me more with standing still than anything else. It always felt better with exercise but I never questioned anyone, and just thought overall I’d be limited with lots of things forever because that is was I was told.😡

How sad is that, that it was ingrained in me at a young age, that I’d have back pain forever and not be able to do a lot of things I loved.

I went on to PT school and we studied orthopedics including units on the hips and low back and then later studied imaging as well. I quickly learned that my MRI reports stated the bulging disks in my back were actually protruding to the left and all my back pain was on the R near my SI joint. 🤔🤔🤔😲Something now is not adding up.

Fast forward another year, at age 22, I did finally have back pain on the left after lifting a patient which did cause symptoms consistent with bulging disks with some radicular symptoms (radiating symptoms into my butt and later on, down my leg). What I was so thankful for was that I was in PT school at the time and we were able to treat me👏#Conservatively . Since then I have always been treated by a PT, or I have seen my friend that is a Physician’s assistant because I know she will not be one of those healthcare providers to just tell me to stop doing what I love.

I started #Crossfit in 2014 and that too has helped my back tremendously especially because I gained strength. I have also learned to change some of my movement patterns that contributed to the symptoms and continue to work towards correct movement patterns, NOT just stopping what I love.

So, if you have had someone tell you to stop doing that exercise, or stop bending, or stop reaching, please DO NOT GIVE UP. Find the RIGHT provider willing to find the source, and correct the movement or imbalance that is causing you to have abnormal pain in normal tissue. You CAN heal. The body WILL adapt and can change when we teach it how.

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— Dr. Jennifer Iskat Frankoski, PT, DPT

Owner of Be the Change Physiotherapy

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