A big fan of yours

“When it comes to sports performance PT, Jennifer is the first person I think of, why is that? because she is the best in the business. Every time I had an ache, pain, muscle tightness, Dr. Jenn was the one who knew how to get me back to 100%, and back to the sport of love. She cares deeply for each of her patients, and does everything in her power to help the problems that she is confronted with. For years, I have been struggling with ankle tightness, and knee pain, but Jenn always knows how to fix the issue, and get me back to training. Recently, I suffered from a MCL sprain during one of the open workout, this injury was due to achilles, and calf tightness, and pulling on my hamstring, which lead to an unstable knee. I will be seeing Jenn about this injury, because I put my trust in her to get me back to training as soon as possible. ”

Rachel A. Blong

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